First over night stay!

by - October 30, 2017

I’m sure any parent will agree that you don’t quite grasp how much your day to day life will change when you enter parenthood. From nipping to the shop, using a restroom, eating out or seeing friends. Just going for a bloody walk is difficult enough. However, I never even gave a night away much thought.

What harm is one night away, right? Will i even miss him? Will he miss me? What if he needs me?...But he was in safe hands with my partner’s parents who have raised 4 children and babysat 5 grandchildren hundreds of times. But, that doesn’t stop the worrying thoughts of if he’ll be ok.

Anyway, I packed his bag double and triple checking everything is included. Looking back I sounded so silly explaining everything to his grandparents to the point my partner turned and said “Lee we can tell it’s the first time he’s stayed away”

Later that night, after several drinks I couldn’t stop talking about him to anyone who would listen and telling people that i love him (which is nothing like me).
That night was a realisation as to how much love i have for my son and how proud i am that he is mine and he can call me Daddy.

That night I did receive some negative feedback for leaving my son “so early” which was disappointing. Especially as so far I’ve only ever received nothing but support but, it’s for me and my partner to decide when our son is ready to be left with trusted family or friends and to decide when it is right for us to leave him. The negativity won’t stop us.

When we got home the next day, my son was fine, he was alive, he was happy and not even too bothered about seeing me but, I’ll just put that down to him being tired.

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