Feeding a baby and dieting

by - November 09, 2017

So feeding a baby and dieting....(Sorry, i mean “lifestyle change”) is never going to be easy, is it?

Preparing yourself home cooked healthy meals and all the preparation that goes with it. Will you even have time to do all that? Then, which baby food do you use? ready meals, jars or even organic jars?

Well as a member of Slimming world for 2 years and losing 3 stone, i was determined that if i was to have a child they will be taught to have a healthy, balanced diet (even if i still don’t). That means having all the vegetables, fruit and lean meats with the occasional treat. However, babies and children can’t survive purely on a slimming world diet, they need so much more calcium than us adults along with a string of other nutritious needs.

When I first started weaning Rhys I initially only used jar food, mostly because I didn’t have a clue what i was doing and also for the convenience. However, after buying a £15 hand blender he now eats absolutely everything i have unless it’s spicy.

Pasta bolognese, cottage pie, potatos & pasta bakes, roasts, stir frys, or even chips. You name it and it’s blended down and he absolutely loves it all! However, all the meals are slimming world meals (or slimming world friendly), so to increase his fat and calcium intake then a liitle sprinkle of cheese is all that’s needed to do the trick. He absolutely loves cheese (who doesn’t) so it’s a win win.

What children don’t have treats! It’s hard to resist your baby’s cute little face when you see the happiest treaties brought to them. Yogurts and fruit pots are great but I’m talking about REAL treats like biscuits and chocolate. Well, chocolate is out of the question, as on two occasions i have bought milky buttons and gave connor two. By the time he was ready for the 3rd i had already eaten the rest of the packet. So biscuits it is. He absolutely adores the occasional biscuit so much that he recognised a ginger bread man on the second time i gave him one. What a delight to see his beautiful face light up with pure joy at the sight of a gingerbread man, but not all that glitters is gold....seconds later walking through Tesco Rhys drops his gingerbread man on his Lap and let out the most almighty scream until i gave it him back. This went on several times and resulted in a load of mess and gunk but then again remember, it’s only the occasional treat.

Overall, the main point I’m trying to make is that I would definitely recommend any parent to blend their own baby food as it’s healthier and you know exactly what your baby is eating. You’ll also save some money too which is an added bonus.

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