Losing weight with slimmingworld

by - November 30, 2017

Losing weight with Slimming World I joined Slimming World in October 2015 after trying several diets or weightless methods. Besides Slimming World, the most effective was calorie counting but unfortunately as many will agree it’s not something that can easily be maintained long term. Just like shakes and vitamin diets.

Where did it all start? I started gaining weight when I moved out of my parent’s house and was solely in control of what I ate, which (as most 18 year olds desire) was a combination of junk food and fast food every day. I remember having family members and friends politely pointing out the weight gain but being in complete denial until i noticed my little belly popping out of my t-shirt!!

Like many teenagers I wore xxs/xs but over the years this size gradually grew. But, i was a growing male and maturing, so this is normal right? My largest size was a large however, I recall stretching my t-shirts to make them fit so in all honesty I should have been in an XL.

I would see myself topless in the mirror and hate every inch of what i would see from my thick thighs to my muffin top to my chubby cheeks but mostly my big belly. During the process of losing weight you don’t really notice the difference and you’re mind takes a bit of time to catch up. The moment it sank in that i had lost weight was when i put my old clothes on and saw them hang of my body.

Like all diets, if it is stuck to the weight will fall off however and very importantly, Slimming World is something that you can do as a long term lifestyle change.

Losing weight isn’t for everyone and it’s important to do what’s right for you, if that be losing weight or not. It’s just as important to love yourself for you and not what you want people want to see.

I would personally highly recommend slimming-world to anyone who asks but above all of that I would recommend being happy with yourself!

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