9 Months Old - Milestones

by - December 07, 2017

Today, my beautiful baby boy turned 9 months old!
People always say they grow so fast and I cannot quite believe how fast these 3 months have flown.

Rhys moved in on the 11th September, 2017 and since that time he has come such a long way.

With lots of help Rhys quickly started hitting his milestones. I remember buying a “sit me up” ring and him sitting inside all floppy. However, the ring definitely helped and within a week he was able to sit up un-aided and enjoy the views a little better. He is now mastering the crawl and is constantly on the move. Tummy time is his new favourite thing because he can explore the living room and chase the doggies. There’s no stopping him now.
Just like me, Rhys is clearly a foodie and will throw a right strop if his food isn’t ready when he is or even if it is taken away too soon. Weaning can be a scary process especially when you start the weaning process immediately, but Rhys has taken it all in his stride and they’re is no stopping him from munching away on meats, vegetables, fruit, grains, baby crisps, chocolate and his favourite... biscuits!!

Earlier this week, i walked into Rhys room to find him sitting and smiling at me (heart melts) in his cot which was a surprise as I didn’t know when he would start sitting himself up.

The list of milestones could go on forever from sitting up, crawling, feeding himself food, holding his own bottle, talking to himself, coordination and getting 4 teeth!!!

It’s important to remember all children and babies are different and will be ready when they decide. I recall being worried that Connor wasn’t sitting up at 6 months but had to keep thinking that he won’t be age 32 lay on the floor not being able to sit up on his own. I knew it would happen in time.

Most importantly I’m so proud of my little man and how he has grown in such a short but fast amount of time. I tell him everyday.

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