Post Adoption Process

by - December 13, 2017

The adoption process is a long and tedious process but obviously very well needed and necessary. It can be just as difficult to explain the process to family and friend.

Many people think once your child moves in, that the process is complete but unfortunately, on occasion it can take years for the child to be legally your child.

About my post adoption -

My beautiful son moved in on the 11th September, 2017 aged 6 months 4 days old. From this point onwards we would receive weekly or fortnightly meetings with my social worker and my son’s social worker.

In these visits my social worker would check how i am doing and dealing with parenthood and my son’s social worker more importantly checks how my son is and ensuring all his care needs are being met. This includes checking his bedroom and cot on each visit.

Every 6 months a review takes place called a LAC review (Looked After Child), where by a third party reviews the child’s situation and again makes sure all their needs are being met.

Once a child has lived with you for 10 weeks you are able to make an application to the court to officially legally adopt! Once the Order is finally granted, everything will be completed and the child is legally yours and no longer classed as a “looked after” child.

On average, once the child has been placed, the adoption court order will be granted approximately 6 months after.

Many factors can delay this such as birth parents contesting the application or a judge thinking that the birth parents have not been given enough notice but, this list could go on forever.

The court hearing -

You will be provided with a court hearing date where you attend court with your child and usually as many friends and family as possible in order to celebrate the adoption being finalised. From this point the child will take your surname.

We hope that as many of our family and friends as possible will attend for our little boy to show support.

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