Finish your gift personally and perfectly

by - January 25, 2018

As Valentine’s Day approaches I often wonder how much effort to make. I hear all to often about how it’s a scam or a corporate money making day, however why pass on an opportunity to tell someone that you love them and show them a little more effort.
Boxes of chocolates, flowers, big gifts or small gifts who cares? They all put smiles on our face.
Presentation is a big thing and can make that one gift all that extra special if it be with a big bow, fluffy packaging or even quirky personalised wrapping paper!

Prettygifted offer personalised wrapping paper where you get to pick absolutely everything from the colour, foil, font and most importantly a message.

If the paper I’ve chosen isn’t your choice then check the website out and have a go at designing your own.

It’s the little touches that go a long way and show the effort and time you have put into a gift.

As an added bonus you get a free gel pen and gift tag too!

Currently there is a 10% discount available using code lee18val . This is available until Friday, 9th February which is also the last date to order in time for valentines day. However, remember this paper can be used for any occasion and is the perfect finishing touch for any Birthday, Christmas Anniversary, Wedding or spontaneous surprise gifts.

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