Magical First Christmas

by - January 03, 2018


December 25th 2017 marked Rhys first Christmas.

When I think of children and Christmas, I think of children waking up super early being excited for Christmas presents. Anything they want for breakfast followed by family, food and playing all day long with their new toys.

Well...having a 9 month old wasn’t quite like that but was just as special in its own way.

So Rhys didn’t wake up until 9.30am and as everyone predicted he was not remotely interested in any presents (although I had fun helping him open his gifts). Once he opened his gifts it was obviously play time!!! But I didn’t expect play time to be with the paper and bows.

Rhys enjoyed his first Christmas dinner and even loved his pigs in blankets. For weeks i was excited to give him an oversized wedge of chocolate fudge cake to eat it but mostly throw it around and get covered in, but unfortunately during Christmas dinner Rhys was falling asleep so I put him for a nap instead and as such, he missed dessert. More cake for me though.

In the evening Rhys got even more gifts and wrapping paper and was fussed over by just about everyone. He loved every second of it.

Now all I can think about is how excited i am for next Christmas when he will be slightly more aware of what's going on and hopefully less excited for the wrapping paper

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  2. Aww he's adorable. Happy 1st Christmas Connor! It was my son Flynn's first Christmas too. However he was only 5 days old so the only thing he was interested in was the inside of his eyelids haha. Slept through most of the day.

    1. Aw thank you. Regardless of being asleep i bet Flynn had an amazing day and was spoilt. Next year will be amazing for you with him being 1 and having a birthday so close too.