9 years and counting

by - February 05, 2018

I wanted to write a little about my relationship from meeting my partner to today and the bits in between.

So January 2009, I was 17 and was in town  shopping with a friend Jess when we were in body shop, Warrington and I saw a guy staring at me from across the store. This is clearly a regular occurrence so we carried on shopping. That night I went into town to a few bars, on my way to the taxi rank I saw the same guy staring at me from across the road.

I went home and carried on my business as usual. A couple of days passed and I then got a Facebook friend request from Michael!
I accepted the request and messaged asking if he is the guy I saw and how he managed to find me. He claims he didn’t know it was me but thought I looked good.

After talking for a few days we decided to meet up and we just hit it off. We seemed to have so much in common and he was hot!

February 05, 2009 i needed to take action but being a shy boy who wouldn’t ask him myself I updated my MSN status about being single!! Within minutes Michael was calling asking to be official!

From this moment onwards we were inseparable and spent every single day together from morning to night. When we weren’t together we were always on the phone or texting.

In August 2009 i made the decision to move towns and move in with my sister who lived in Fleetwood (an hours drive) as we had only been together for 5 months it could have been make or break but Michael decided to move with me and from this point we have always lived together.

We got our first pet together (cat) “Little Miss Munchkin” in February 2010.

After living with my sister and her partner for 3 years my sister fell pregnant with my niece and while she was happy for us both to stay we felt it was our time to leave and return back home to Warrington which is when we bought our first home together. We moved in 1st January 2013! Which was pretty exciting.

6th January 2013 we picked up our puppy Harley and life was great! It’s crazy to think he’s now 5. June 2013 we brought Bella home and even to this day she can be a little shit and her favourite thing to do is to destroy the house or things in it.

Over the years we got another 3 cats Sunday, Millie and Teddy. (We never had all the cats at once though. Unfortunately in February 2016 our beloved cat Munchkin passed away after being hit by a car. Several months later Sunday ran away (cough stolen cough) the worse bit was the week before Sunday was stolen the lady who now has him knocked on my door and told me how she likes my cat and wanted to know his name (cheeky cow)

Several jobs, cars and holidays later we forward to September 2016 and we decided to make an application for adoption. We then underwent the adoption process for 12 months and on 4th September 2017 we met our beautiful son aged 5 months and 3 weeks old. After a long and tiring week he officially moved in on the 11th September 2017 and 2 became 3.

Before we met our son, Rhys i would often describe my relationship as a “couple” while now we are a family.

I wouldn’t change the last 9 years for anything and occasionally people are amazed at how long we have stayed together especially as we are still fairly young. However, a long term relationship requires work and it’s not always easy, if they were then everyone would be in a long term relationship.

Here’s hoping to another 9 years.....

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