Tiny but Trendy

by - February 21, 2018

I think appearance is so important as its the first impressions that count.

I also think its important children have a good image and are brought up with self respect and able to look after and appreciate what they have. while I do like some high street stores such as Tesco (F&F) and next for baby clothes what I actually love are the smaller online stores; my favourites being: HippotribeTrendy Street and Chipmunks Footwear.

The quality from all three of these retails are top quality and all reasonably priced.

These are some of what I have from these brand for my Rhys : 

From Hippotribe

From Trendy Street 

From Chipmunk Footwear

As Rhys birthday approaches (2 weeks today) I have asked family and friends to buy clothes over toys purely as Rhys has more toys then he can play with. Here is a selection of my wish list!.....I
mean Rhys wish list




(Trendy Street - Custom made gold cross leggings)


You can find all three stores on Instagram and Facebook. I highly recommend following them all.

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