Offically Ours - Court Process

by - April 17, 2018

Once a child is placed with the new forever family its often believed the process of adoption is complete.

Unfortunately for the new family the journey from now can be pretty rocky. This is because while unlikely the child could be removed at any point.

After 10 weeks of being a family you are allowed to make an application to the Magistrate Court to legally adopt, prior to this you share custody  with the local authority.
This means if you take the child to the doctors or hospital you must inform social services. You are not allowed to take the child out of the county and depending on the council you need permission to take the child out of the County.

One you make an application to the Courts to legally adopt the birth parents of the adopted child are notified and are able to contest the adoption.
if an application is made to contest the initial application from the adoptive parents, the application will be delayed while a hearing is made for the birth parents to be heard by a Judge.

unfortunately for many adopted children and birth parents by this point, it is unlikely to be successful.

Initially a hearing will be made called "first hearing" whereby the Judge will check to confirm he/she is happy that adoption is the correct route. A Final hearing date will then be set to finalise the adoption.

On the 12th March 2018 our adoption application was the final hearing. The Judge decided that adoption was the correct route and we should become parents to Rhys.

Rhys then took our surname and officially become a legal part of our life and family, forever.

In May we will attend the Courts to celebrate the adoption. This is mostly a photo day for Rhys to have pictures with our family, friends and the Judge.

my journey may look plain sailing but we have had some hiccups along the way but now we are a happy family of 3.

This is my journey. Please note all journeys differ. Some authorities will have slightly different guidelines 

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