Returning To Work - Starting Nursery

by - April 04, 2018

Nursery and working balance

When Rhys was placed i often wondered how it will feel returning back to work and not seeing my little boy all day everyday. I brushed it off thinking i have several months yet, then it was weeks and before i knew it, days!

"how are you going to feel leaving him at nursery "
"i bet your going to miss him loads"
"i bet you don't want to go back to work"
are just some of the questions i got nearly everyday from family and friends.

Well on the 12th March, 2018 i returned to work part time working 3 days a week, meaning Rhys is in nursery during those days and now i love it!

My first week back was difficult as i leave the house at 7am and usually get home around 6pm we decided it would be most convenient for me to get Rhys ready and dressed for nursery in the morning, but this was a massive change for Rhys. Now he had to get up at 6.30am while before nursery his routine was waking up around 9am!!

Rhys normally would go bed at 7.30pm, however he struggles to nap long at nursery so when i get home at 6pm he is usually already in bed and this was the hardest part. After a long day not being able to see my little boy.

This is a rare occasion Rhys was awake and waiting for me with Dad 

About me
Now adjusting to over 6 months off work was pretty tough getting back into a routine (is 3 days a week a routine?) with the distraction of work keeping me occupied i don't miss Rhys all that much; not because i don't want to or because i don't care but just because i am too busy.

I think working 3 days is the perfect balance for me and my family. What works for you?

Card Rhys made at nursery

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