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by - May 22, 2018

I had wrote this blog several weeks ago and never got around to posting it, but I am glad as I now feel a little more equipped in writing this.

I wondered if i should change my career as I lacked encouragement and focus. I wasn't reaching my full potential at my (at the time) current employer and felt held back.

My Employment
I have worked in the finance industry (collections to be more precise) since 2008.

I started my employment journey in July 2008 after finishing college with no idea what i wanted to do. I started by applying for local retail jobs but as my uncle was a director for a (at the time) large collection agency based in Preston, I was offered an entry level job within the firm which i quickly accepted! and the finance journey began. 

Over the years I have worked for collection agencies, solicitors and most recently a small loans company. 

I thought about the things i wanted in an employer that i had in previous positions. Progression, equal opportunities, fair pay, value and appreciation. While i was thinking about what i desire, i began to realise this is a small list of things that I didn't have with my employer. A lot of people go to work because they have to but in previous companies, I enjoyed going to work. At my most recent employment, I felt that I was no longer in a good environment. 

Time for change
I decided to break away from a financial career. I wanted something new, exciting and challenging. At the age of 26 i realised that I am young enough to do this and be successful.
I started searching for all types of careers that i was interested in and believed i would be capable of doing.
I was then approached by an agency for a local car dealership!!

After an interview and several meetings i accepted the position.

By taking this positon I will be working longer hours and more days per week (I must be crazy right) but on the other hand the dealership is less then a 5 minute drive from home, where as previously I did a 60-90 minute commute each way.   

On evaluation this new position is a massive risk but then again what's life without risks? what's holding you back?

New career reality  

I have been in my new position for 2.5 weeks so far and on a daily basis enjoy what I am doing, however I do see a lot of draw backs already.

I work 10 hour days most days, 6 days a week. Initially I was told I would receive 1 in 3 weekends off but this isn't looking likely. I feel I have done well to adapt to the new role in a short period of time, however while working I feel like I am under achieving and possibly the targets are unachievable / none rewarding.

I don't get to see my son as often as I like. I have been spending around 30 minutes in the morning with him to get him ready for nursery but then he is asleep when I get home. More disappointingly is that my birthday falls on fathers day this year and as this is our first fathers day with Rhys I was hoping to do something special however, I will likely be working until 5pm.

The reason I am writing this post is to let you know that if you are not happy then YOU can make that change. It may take some getting used to and may not work out or on the other hand it may be the best thing you ever do but as a wise man once told me "you won't know unless you try"

I would love to hear about your career change. drop a comment below :)

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