Crawling Like A Rocket Man

by - May 29, 2018

When i started this blog I initially said I wanted to do monthly updates on Rhys' progress and development. Several months later and here I am again with an update :)

Rhys will soon be turning 15 months old and is pretty much exactly where he should be. As first time parents we often wonder are we doing everything we can to help him and give him the best opportunities, but then I think of course I am.

We play, encourage learning by problem solving with toys and engage in speech. occasionally a comment will be made by an unknown passing stranger that makes you question his development such as "is he walking yet?"or "is he talking yet?". You get the point....

Well; here we are on the 29th May 2018. Rhys now crawls like a rocket but refuses to stand on his own or even walk. He can free stand but chooses to crawl instead. Unless of course, he is holding your hand; in which case he marches like a pro. Don't worry though, he will be on standing and walking boot camp soon enough. 

He constantly babbles and says "Iya", "dadda", "uh oh" and "yeah". 

He points to things he wants, plays with toys the way they're designed to be played with as opposed to banging them or throwing them around the room. 

He understands meal times, give me a kiss, no, come here, give it to me and waving.

Rhys is loving nursery and goes 4 days a week. This really helps with everything as well as keeping him in a strong routine. 

Meal times and nutrition are out of the window but that's a blog for another day (soon). 
Hopefully the next time I do a development follow up he will be running and chatting some more. 

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