First Time In The Sun At Marbury Park

by - May 09, 2018

Bank Holiday Fun

Since having Rhys we don't go out as often as what we would like to or as often as we use to, that's not for the love of trying either. As sensible parents we try and work around Rhys naps which can be hours long at times, but the sun was out and something had to give!

We decided on a local trip to Marbury Park.

Parking a mile away we took the scenic walk through the country and enjoyed walking in the sun. This was Rhys first time in the sun so we decided to cake him in factor 50 location turning his face even whiter.

To get to the main park we walked through a field which often houses grazing cows. Every time we pass through i am dying inside to go over and stroke one, however i know they will either run away or charge at me. My luck it will be the latter!

Surprisingly the park wasn't as busy as expected but still lovely to see lots of families and dog walkers out enjoying the sun.

The best part as you can imagine is the food! a small café is situated on the park and operates from a portable van (not a greasy spoon). The menu is limited but delicious.

Rhys attempted his first ice cream cone but after two whacks to his face decided it wasn't for him...Dad saved the day and ate the ice cream while Rhys LOVED the cone instead.

We walked along the lake feeding the ducks and enjoying the scenic view.

The park offers a public swimming pool which appears to be a popular choice for park goes. Adult tickets are £8.00 and children £5.00, however the pool was full on our visit.

For those of you who enjoy wildlife and bird watching, the park has several bird spotting stations.

For anyone in the area i would defiantly recommend a visit on a hot day

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