Car Sales Secrets

by - June 12, 2018

I wanted to write this post within a week of startling my new job as car salesmen. I am hoping this post may help you and in the long run will help me or other sales people. 

My goal at work is to sell as many cars as possible on a daily, weekly or monthly basis but this doesn't mean I will do what it takes to rip you off just to get a sale. 

I have only been employed as a car salesman for 5 weeks so by no means am I an expert or anything close. 

Whilst I want to sell you a car, I am in no way going to force you to buy a car and you should be strong enough to say no if any pressure was implied by a sales person. If I approach you while you are browsing then I am genuinely only trying to help. I may ask questions like "Are you ok?", "What are you looking for?" "Do you have a budget?". Do not be afraid to answer these as it will save a lot of time down the line when I show you a car way over your budget.

Am I pushed to sell certain cars?
To an extent, yes but not enough to lose a sale if a customer isn't interested; as a sold car, is a sold car. From time to time some cars have better commission rates and other times some cars have larger savings so they appear more appealing to customers. So why wouldn't I show you that car first?  

is it true - "this deal is only available for today" or "offer ends today"
If I have spent half an hour negotiating with you and you need to go away and think about it before making the commitment, then that is completely fine but it is unlikely the deal will be available tomorrow. Why? because we want to sell you a car today and the chances are somebody else will buy the car full price and soon! I have so far had 2 customers who wanted to go away and think, only to call me back hours later and the car in question had sold.

Is there any room for negotiation?
Not on new cars as the profit is very limited and If you ask for a full tank of fuel you wont be getting one. Maybe some cheap mats though :). On the other hand we can negotiate a little on used cars but again this is more likely to be £3/£4 maybe £5 on a monthly basis and while it doesn't sound like a lot £4 x 60payments = £240.00 on a tightly budgeted car. 

Please don't ask me do I work on commission or how much commission am I going to make because it will only make the conversation a little awkward. Yes, I do earn commission on each car sold but your aftersales satisfaction survey may effect my pay. Even if your issue wasn't related to my service; so please be nice and fair :) 

Additional products
I am targeted on how many additional products I can sell on top of a car and this is where I make most of my commission. However all the products are useful and you are unlikely to get them cheaper elsewhere.
GAP insurance - if your car is written off and you owe £10,000 on the car but your insurance pay the cars value of £8,000 then without GAP insurance you will have no car and a £2,000 bill.
Paint Protection - You will often hear a salesman tell you how bird poop can damage the paint, trust me after only 5 weeks I have seen it! The protection also covers the inside of the car and will prevent your seats from staining too. Most dealerships offer this as a lifetime guarantee yet this is my least sold product.  
Service Plan - being completely honest this is best for brand new cars. Most manufacturers say "to keep the car in warranty the car must be serviced by the dealer themselves". All the service plan does is just splits the payment into affordable monthly payments and guarantees you're paying a fixed price. 

All car sales are different and some companies will be more ruthless. However, you should be able to trust the majority of car franchise dealer
ships. I hear a couple of car supermarkets can be a little pushy.

While Suzuki might not be the most desirable brand they are definitely fantastic value for money!
Brand new Swift from £159 deposit and £159 per month!
Celerio £119 deposit and £119 a month
Ignis from £149 deposit and £149 a month

So if you are looking for a new car let me be your first shout.

Disclaimer - This is my own personal opinion and is no representation of any car dealer or manufacture 

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