First Fathers Day And 27th Birthday

by - June 17, 2018

Having being born on the 17th June, I have always shared my birthday with Fathers day every 6 years. However looking though a calendar, my next joint fathers day and birthday will be in 11 years (2029). This is due to the expected year falling on the leap year and missing my joint date out! How Rude!

I believe 2018 is truly special and magical timing. If we had met Rhys 12 months later I would had to wait 11 years for this special day. 

Fathers day wasn't just for me but also a day for Michael to celebrate being a Dad to Rhys to; but again also a date for Rhys to celebrate having a Daddy and Dad that love him more than anything.

I wanted today to be extra special and that it was. I walked into the lounge to Rhys searching through a gift bag for me, from him containing a fathers day card, chocolates and a gift, although he didn't seem to want to gift me the bag.

Every year we meet my parents for Lunch/ Dinner but as you guessed, we had a very special little man with us. Although despite being special, he is the biggest diva you will meet. 

This year I have been overwhelmed by the number of birthday and fathers day messages. For those of you without children, you never know how things will change in 1,2,5 or 10 years. I remember thinking Fathers day is just a silly pointless day but now I am a parent its just another excuse for me to bond with my son. 

I hope you have all had a special day

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