Perfect Night In - Top 10 Movies!

by - June 25, 2018

Now that I am a Dad, its safe to say that my nights have changed. I can no longer live from day to day making plans that take me late into the evening or be impulsive and drop everything at the click of my fingers to be a social butterfly (so to speak). My nights now consist of not really being able to leave the house after 7:30pm and revolve all around my Son's routine. However, this doesn't mean that I have to stop enjoying myself or socialising with my friends. Let me Explain why in two words...MOVIE NIGHTS.

In order to be fully submersed in a successful movie night, you need the right tools; the main one being the Television of course. I would highly recommend a Panasonic OLED Television. These televisions boast a very sleek design along with a beautiful, bright, high definition display that Panasonic should be proud of. They really do enable you to make the most out of any movie you watch whilst also making your friends green with envy at the same time (which is an added bonus).

I did initially miss cinema nights and would let out a little cry every time a film I wanted to see was being released at the cinema however, I now just add it to my wish list and wait for the DVD to be released. It is not the most ideal, but it works for me and would work for any parent that finds themselves housebound on the evenings you cannot get a sitter.

If I'm being completely honest, I actually think that I'm starting to prefer it as I can press pause whenever I need to use the facilities and when I need to top up on refreshments; without the risk of missing any of the film. You can also stay snug on your own sofa and sit in your comfiest clothes without the risk of people judging you for not making an effort. It's the simple things that make life and movie nights are one of the simplest.

I would urge anyone to give it a try. There will be no going back. You can have "family movie nights", "movie date nights" with your better half, "movie marathons" with your friends or "movie me time" when you just need some time to yourself to unwind. It could be argued that there is a movie night for every occasion.

To help get you started I have listed the top 10 on my hitlist below. I now just need to be patient and wait for some of them to be released on DVD or Blu ray.

1. Marvel movie-thon (that's all of the Marvel films in chronological order.)
2. Darkest Hour
3. Pitch Perfect 3
4. Downsizing
5. IT
6. CoCo
7. Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle
8. The Incredibles 2
9. A Dog's purpose
10. Oceans 8

My life changed for the better when I became a parent. Movie nights are just one of many ways of embracing this.

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