About Time I Came Back

by - August 19, 2018

Hello Hello Hello!

I haven't posted in several weeks and so much has gone on, but I plan on catching up and coming back hopefully with a little more ammo than before :) .

Since starting my new job I think myself and my family have gotten into a new routine which after several weeks is about time. I no longer feel like I miss out as much as I did initially. 

So since the last time I posted a blog ,what's changed?
Rhys is fully walking and chatting about everything, He`s had a complete wardrobe change as despite being 17 months old he has finally moved into 12-18 month clothing, (a lot still drown him though). 

Rhys is moving into the next room at nursery which can only mean our baby is slowly turning into a little boy! (crys) 

After having my company car for 8 weeks, I finally decided and successfully sold my Volkswagen Golf. It was incredibly sad to see it go but it was the right thing to do. 

I only wanted to keep this short, as I am currently away in Scotland on our 2018 jollies. We decided on Scotland over abroad as we have too many passport worries with Rhys for this year which are now all resolved anyway. 

Scotland is such a beautiful place so be sure to check out a post I will be doing on Scotland 

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