Ideal Toy For My Little Boy

by - January 04, 2019

Hello all!

So it’s new year and Christmas is out of the way for at least another 12 months.

It was Rhys’ second Christmas and although he’s still too young to understand the full concept of Christmas, he did have fun opening his presents and saying “WOW” at absolutely everything. And I mean “everything”.

We got Rhys a huge variety of toys. To the point he didn’t know what to play with first and we didn’t know where to store it all. He did however, take quite fondly to his BRIO light and sound garbage truck. He loves it and doesn’t leave it alone. Rhys is 21 months and I honestly think Its a perfect toy for any young child.

The fact that he is into his cars and he can push it round the room whilst scooting behind on his knees was a bonus, but the overall concept is both entertaining and educational.

It has an interactive button on top that makes a siren noise and comes with both a plastic and wooden block that teaches your child how to sort shapes.

For the slightly older child it also educates on the importance of recycling and separating plastic from wood etc. (It’s safe to say Rhys doesn’t understand this yet but I will make sure he does.)

I would definitely say it was one of Rhys’ favourite presents this Christmas. He hasn’t stopped playing with it since and I can honestly see him playing with it way into the future. I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

Your kids will love it.

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