Slimy Bath Fun

by - January 28, 2019

Hi everyone. Me again.

Quick question. Does your little one love or loath bath time?

Rhys used to absolutely despise it. When he came into our life at 6 months old, he couldn’t even stand to put one toe into the bath without going hysterical. It took a bit of patience and a lot of creativity, but eventually he saw bath time as a fun time and started to love it. He went from sitting there screaming to splashing around and soaking everything and everyone in close range.

He still hasn’t mastered lying down in the bath yet but that’s a story for another day. my point. The other day we tried out a new idea to make bath time fun and different. Gelli Baff by Zimpli kids is basically a powder that you put into the water and it turns it into a lovely colored Goo. Which is strangely satisfying to see and run your fingers through as well as loads of fun for your little one.

At first Rhys wasn’t too sure but it didn’t take him long to start loving it and crawling round in it. He was giggling his little head off.

It was quite easy to do (that is despite my only criticism of the box being in English but the instructions being in another language). You simply empty the first sachet into the water and mix until it is fully transformed into all it’s glorious gooey-ness. When you are ready to turn it back, simply empty the second sachet into the bath and mix a little bit more. Hey presto it’s not only back to water, which is safe to empty down your drain, it also changes to another eye catching colour.

And just it put all your fears at rest, it’s 100% safe, it doesn’t stain your bath and comes in a variety of colours that make it fun for each and every child.

Honestly, with this. Bath time will be fun time every time

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