The Perfect Family Car

by - January 20, 2019

Finding a car takes on more significance when you have a family. Instead of searching for a speedy number that turns heads, you’re after something more practical and safe. So, to help you with your search, I have a few different car types that are probably the best options for families. They vary in size, which means some are ideal for small families, and others for large ones!


These cars were almost explicitly designed to be family cars. Everything about them is geared towards making life as comfortable and safe as possible for a family. They mainly appeal to families of up to 7 people, and a popular example of one of these vehicles is the Ford Galaxy. They tend to have three seats in the back, then an additional two behind - plus ample boot space. MPVs are definitely most useful for large families rather than small ones.


This is the type of family car you buy when you have four or five kids, and you need plenty of room. One great option is the new Mercedes V-Class, which can seat up to 8 people with no problem whatsoever. If you regularly have a full car - and need room for shopping, work supplies, and who knows what else, then a minivan is often the most practical option. Plus, there are speed restrictions with a vehicle this size, which potentially makes it safer.


These cars are almost the perfect car for any dad that wants a vehicle for their family but doesn’t want to sacrifice their reputation at work. The Audi A4 is probably the most popular saloon car out there, and it packs a host of comfortable features with pretty decent engine performance. It’s the type of car you’d gladly drive on your own, but they come with three seats in the back with decent legroom for a family of five.


An estate is basically a saloon car with a much longer backside. You get three sizeable seats in the back, and some of the best boot space on offer. Cars like the Volvo V60 fall into this category, and they’re excellent for medium-sized families that can do with a lot of space - particularly if your kids have grown up and need the extra room!
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Hatchbacks are arguably the most common car on the roads as they fill the gap between super small cars and saloons. The Ford Focus falls into this category, and it’s an excellent car-type for small families. You don’t always get much room in the back, but for a family with one or two kids, this isn’t an issue. Plus, there are some really fun hatchbacks out there - like the Honda Civic - meaning you can still get a thrill out of driving when your kids aren’t with you!

There you have it; these are your main options when buying a family car. For me, the search begins by figuring out how much space you need. If you have a family of over 5, then it instantly eliminates the last three options. If your family is less than that, then you don’t need either of the first two. Then, narrow your search based on price, running costs, and safety! Soon, you’ll be driving around in the perfect family car.

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