Breeding Starlights L183

by - June 12, 2020

L183 Breeding attempt

Hello and welcome! This is my documentary of attempting to breed Starlight L183 Pleco

Male & Female Pair - Wild caught on 26/06/2020 - Adolescents with female having bristles on the tip of her lip and male has small bristles which are starting to split. i believe both capable of breeding

Housing & Conditions
The pair a housed in 355 liter aquarium (60inch long, 24inch high and 15inch width)
sand substrate
little bogwood
7 or plants of difference variety
3 breeding caves, however 1 is oversize for starlights.
Water is set to 30c
strong flow with power head/waver maker machine
50 alder cones and 10 almond leaves to lower the PH which was PH7

House Mates
3 Panda Cory Catfish
45 Neon Tetra / Cardinal Tetra Mix

Fresh courgette
Variety of frozen foods
Tetra Pro Colour daily

The pair have settled in over the last 17 days with the female now starting to be fairly active but remaining shy and easily startled. The male rarely ventures out from under a rock during the day.

I believe all conditions for breeding have been met. i will do weekly/bi weekly cool water changes to encourage breeding. Male does not yet seem interested in caves.

i will update with progress as and when...

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